Online Marketing Psychology and Building Customer Trust

Written by DanKurtz

One of the most critical ideas in copywriting and sales is without a doubt comprehending the way your client thinks and feels. You can’t sell to them very well if you fail to know what they really need, fear, and hope for. If only we had a crystal ball, we could very well advertise to practically any type of customer that came our way.

Regretfully, we don’t have anything similar to that. Alternately, we can consider ourselves privileged because there are specific components about human psychology that are almost universal. The instant we comprehend these particular principles of psychology, we can more thoroughly connect with our customers and improve conversion rates.

A lot of Internet marketing sales pages combine the same worn-out elements in a formulaic approach. These online marketers use and re-use methods they’ve found work for others. There’s a reason these particular principles of sales copy perform– but there’s also a reason to think outside the box and do things a little bit differently. Be aware of your client and you’ll understand what to apply to your sales page, whether it’s a commonly used concept or not.

Apart from the typical formula, not too many marketers think about the psychology of their customers and the reason why internet marketers must realize it. I suspect that’s a pretty major mistake– you must know the key reason why it works so you can use it in a better and much more practical way. It’s amazing how a few tweaks can considerably improve or reduce your profits.

While these psychological concepts are commonly universal, you really can’t sell very well to your target audience if you don’t frame your efforts effectively. The form of promotion that works for a senior citizen may not be the same thing that works for a teenager. As soon as you increase your understanding, you’ll also open your eyes to the goals pertaining to your specific marketplace. The components of psychology may well be universal however, the manner in which you apply them is not.

Consumers Buy More from Those That they Know

It is generally recognized that people purchase more from people they know, like, and trust. That’s precisely why I, and others, spend a great deal of time discussing relationship marketing. If people like and trust you, your conversion rates will be rather impressive whatever you do.

But, it goes beyond someone liking you. It’s particularly important that they also empathize with you. They could certainly like you very much but feel that your success, your products, or perhaps your way of working on things are considerably out of their reach. If they can’t identify and relate to you, the sale is lost.

They Need to Know That You Understand Them

That’s exactly why a lot of copywriters spend time weaving a story within the copy that takes the “I’ve been in your shoes” angle. They do that because it does the trick so adequately. Everyone in this world needs to be understood and appreciated. They want to hear the rags to riches narrative. They want to hear exactly how you made every effort or yearned for the same thing they would like.

Helping people identify with you is really a fantastic approach to set yourself apart from others as you create the copy. You’re constantly looking for strategies to establish connections. To achieve that, you have to heavily research your market and find out what makes them tick. You need to talk about your own unique experience and your unique thoughts and feelings from your journey. The moment you do that, people will identify with you and buy from you more readily after reading your sales copy.

Supply Social Proof in Your Copy

People also like to think that they aren’t alone. They want to know that others have had similar experiences they have had. In this age of shysters and Internet marketers who give the industry a bad name, they want to know that they can have confidence in you. The very best solution to this specific need is to offer social proof right there on the sales page.

Social proof may come in the form of testimonials, results-based info, case studies, data, reviews, and so forth.

Have you previously invested in a product from a viral video? Consider If you have not enjoyed their video, drop everything and do it as soon as possible, simply because it’s phenomenal, free advertising. People passed this commercial around very willingly, discussed it all over the Internet, and even signed up for the shave club in droves for the reason that the commercial is definitely unique, funny, plus all-around awesome. Not to mention the service in itself receives amazing reviews.

Study their site and video. Now, imagine they just had a typical commercial and website for their product– very little really of note for people to mention, all the same old, same old. There definitely would not be much social proof there, would there? I’m more than willing to bet they ‘d also be out of business. Instead, the power of social proof is very strongly present and their business prospers on the results.

It’s challenging to make something go viral– most especially a sales page. However, it is easy to do a great job of standing out in the marketplace, making your buyers delighted, and getting people to talk about you and your product because you stand apart with your copy and sales materials. These are truly all things you should ask of your buyers and recommend them to do– usually, all it takes is really to ask. Similarly, consider how you can set your marketing apart from everything else on the internet so they’ll do it on their own. The instant you do, the social proof will be there and you should notice your sales drastically improve.

Gaining Authority

People also want to purchase from people who possess some authority in the industry and that should shine through throughout your copy. Would you rather buy a product on Kindle marketing from a person who’s done it successfully or coming from someone who has just heard that Kindle products sell well? You want to buy from somebody who has the experience. This is a common thread– we desire to feel like we are looking up to those who deserve to have us look up to them.

You may very well be an expert in your marketplace, but is it apparent to your buyers? If other people do not view you as an authority, it can actually harm your profits. Sometimes, all it takes to end up being an authority is to make it clear that you are one. Some of the best copywriters on the planet have that online reputation only because they have stated that they are the best. Proclaim, and show, that you are the best in your space.

The Power of Scarcity

Human nature indicates that we often really want something we can’t have or possibly that others can’t have. It’s all about scarcity. I’m sure you’ve been to a sales page specifically where the marketer stated the sales price was rising in just a few days’ or hours’ time. You’ve definitely been to sales pages where there were just a few more copies available.

A number of marketers include such things on their sales page simply because they’re pulling your chain. They’re attempting to mislead you into buying more quickly simply by implementing components of scarcity. Most internet marketers, though, legitimately use this technique because it solidly boosts conversions.

People really love finding out that they received a far better price than somebody else. They appreciate knowing that they bought the product right before it was taken off the market. People are similarly extremely busy. There are thousands of diversions both on the internet and off. If someone arrived on your sales page and left without buying, who’s to know if they didn’t just get drawn away or forget because it wasn’t pressing enough? It’s possible that they were debating it, sitting on the fence and opting to save the decision for a later time, only to discover that life is so busy they never return.

But if they find out that the price is rising or the product is going away, there isn’t any time to waste. The fence-sitter will be pressured to the “I’m buying!” phase before you know it. Employing genuine types of scarcity on your sales pages is a great way to boost sales. You’ve seen it utilized successfully, so now it’s time to use it on your own.

Using Psychology in Your Copy

There are particular instances when you’ll prefer to work with just one of these particular elements of persuasion and times when you’ll choose to use multiple elements. This is by no means an extensive list, but these are most likely easily the most essential ones. A few of them, including establishing your authority, are going to occur over time. You need to put the pieces in position, beginning right away. Other elements, like scarcity, can be implemented immediately.

Regardless of how effectively these particular fundamentals work, however, you need to ensure that your use of them is lined up with your company and principles. Some Online marketing sales funnels have gone stale thanks to the hype and overused nature.

Always keep your own sales copy fresh. Present people what they want and need. Regularly work on building relationships with your customer base and enabling that shine through in your copy. It is in your best interest and theirs.


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